The Wildlife Habitat Trust is dedicated to providing financial support for shooting & conservation. This allows clubs to purchase land in order to:

  • protect existing wildlife habitat
  • create new wildlife habitat
  • protect shooting for the future


Since being set up in 1986, the Wildlife Habitat Trusts have provided loans and grants totalling over 2,000,000 to support 89 successful land acquisitions and projects by shooting and conservation groups. This has allowed over 4,200 acres of land to be purchased by clubs which amounts to over £3,500,000 in land value.

For a detailed breakdown of the value of the 58 loans and 31 grants that have been approved to date click here. For details of the latest loan applications that have been approved by the WHT Trustees click here.

Internationally and uniquely for a UK organisation, the Trusts have channelled over £80,000 into converting important flyway habitats particularly in the Baltic countries to help secure safe routes for migrating waterfowl. For more details about International grants approved by the WHCT Trustees click here.

These achievements have significantly increased the importance and reputation of sporting shooting, particularly local shooting groups, as an essential partner in conservation and land management. They give a loud and unambiguous message – shooting helps deliver conservation.



WHT Habitat Stamp 2022
2022 – Red Deer on Arran by David Parry

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