Lough Erne Wildfowling Council awarded a Wildlife Habitat Charitable Trust grant

In 2020 Lough Erne Wildfowling Council was awarded a Wildlife Habitat Charitable Trust grant of 25,000 (£5,000 per annum) for the 2020-2024 Boa Island Wader Recovery Project.

The project is a continuation of the previous four-year (2016-2019) project which the WHCT supported.

The key aim is to increase the breeding abundance of threatened priority species of waders (curlew, lapwing and redshank, and amber listed snipe) at key sites across Boa Island, Lower Lough Erne.

The WHCT grant is to contribute towards several initiatives. Habitat management which includes sward management and scrub clearance, predator control, education of farmers, wildfowlers and public and then the annual professional ornithological monitoring of the impact of the actions on breeding wader populations.

In 2020 the Moorland Association was awarded a Wildlife Habitat Charitable Trust grant of £25,000 per annum (£100,000 in total) as part of the hen harrier brood management trial (2020 to 2023).

The project aims to assess whether a brood management scheme would, as part of the Defra Hen Harrier Action Plan, contribute to an increase in numbers of hen harriers in Northern England by testing the practicalities of brood management: can eggs or chicks be taken from the wild and raised in captivity, can those chicks be released back into the wild and what are the implications for nest productivity and survival.

The WHCT grant is to be used to to fund the release step of one Hen Harrier brood per year. This includes construction of receptor site infrastructure, food, monitoring, feeding, security equipment and surveillance.

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