WHCT grant helps Gloucestershire club flourish

The Wildlife Habitat Charitable Trust has given a £4,200 grant to the Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association to carry out habitat restoration work.

The club has used the money to clear scrub and reeds to create two entry areas for water from the neighbouring drainage ditch.

One side of the newly formed area has been profiled with a gentle slope to create a feeding area for wading birds. This allows waders to access the area no matter how deep or shallow the pool becomes due to wet or dry periods.

Trevor Bailey, chairman of the Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association, said: “Conservation, education and recreation have always been the primary goals of our association.

“Over a number of years the conservation role has taken a greater lead, with the provision of large roosting areas within our extensive leases on the Severn Estuary and elsewhere. Working over the years with both the Environment Agency and Natural England, large conservation areas have been formed to encourage both waterfowl and waders to breed in our area.

“Now, we have been able to advance our environmental projects with a grant from the WHCT. We have reformed an area that was previously overgrown into open water, thus creating an ideal habitat for both waterfowl and waders to feed and breed. We hope we can work with WHCT on future projects to benefit waterfowl within the association’s land area.”

Tim Russell, BASC’s director of conservation and WHCT secretary, said: “I am delighted that the WHCT has been able to help with this project. The Severn Estuary is an important area for wildfowl and waders and natural processes mean that habitats can easily be lost as vegetation grows. Restoring open water and shallow bank areas will create new opportunities for many species.”

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