£67,000 loan helps to assist with the purchase of 24 acres Ash Plantation at Chattenden Woods

The Wildlife Habitat Trust (WHT) has granted a loan of £67,000 to Chattenden Syndicate Ltd towards the purchase of 24 acre Ash Plantation at Chattenden Woods, Chattenden, Rochester, Kent.

The purchase by Chattenden Syndicate will allow the syndicate to improve the quality of habitats on the site by coppicing and improving the state of the woodland. The area is very important for breeding Nightingales and at the same time the purchase will also improve the shooting quality for the syndicate.

Club secretary David Thorpe said: “we are delighted to have made this purchase, which is our third in the area. Ash Plantation is part of the Lodge Hill SSSI and over the last fourteen years we have leased the sporting rights and carried out various management for and on behalf of private owners. When various sections came on the market we were able to purchase them from within the syndicate. This last purchase was very important to us strategically, but with today’s land prices was beyond the means of the syndicate alone. We are very grateful to WHT for providing the balance of funds for this type of venture at an affordable return rate. We are in the process of forming a management plan with NE and the Forestry Commission which will see controlled coppicing of the area. This will greatly enhance the habitat, conservation and wildlife of the site. In addition I would add that the feeling of security we now have is a great position to be in. We can carry out not only our sport, but the total management of an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in an ever growing world of concrete in North Kent”.

Tim Russell, WHT secretary and director of conservation at BASC, said: “I am delighted the WHT has been able to make this loan to benefit game shooting. The purchase of this woodland will be of lasting benefit to the syndicate and to the woodland habitat and the wildlife that depend on it. The WHT is there to help with the purchase of land for all types of shooting and conservation.”

For more information about Chattenden Syndicate membership contact the club by email.

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