£50,000 loan helps to fund land purchase in Cumbria.

The Wildlife Habitat Trust (WHT) has granted a loan of £50,000 to Westmorland Wildfowlers’ Association (W.W.A) towards the purchase of 27 acres of land at Tarneybank Tarn near Killington, Cumbria.

The land purchased by W.W.A. will expand the club’s shooting opportunities and conservation projects. The land will also be used to train new members and young people in good shooting practice and conservation work.

Club secretary Andy Stott said: “The latest purchase of 27 acres of land known as Tarneybank Tarn in South Cumbria will help the award-winning Westmorland Wildfowlers’ Association to increase its portfolio of land for shooting and conservation. The new land will provide more shooting, deer stalking and fishing opportunities to our club members as well as providing new areas to expand our mallard nest-tube conservation program. The W.W.A. is indebted to the WHT staff for their help and advice, efficient handing of our application and ultimate loan of £50,000 to secure the Tarn for the BASC-affiliated wildfowling club.”

Tim Russell, WHT secretary and director of conservation at BASC, said: “The WHT is pleased to have been able to help Westmorland Wildfowlers’ with their land purchase. This is a significant step for the club and one which will help secure their future success. The WHT continues to provide support to groups wanting to buy land for shooting and conservation.”

For more information about Westmorland Wildfowlers’ Association membership contact the club membership secretary on wwa.membership@gmail.com or go to: http://www.westmorlandwildfowlersassociation.co.uk/

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