Wildlife Habitat Trust makes largest ever land purchase loan.

The largest loan ever made by the Wildlife Habitat Trust has been received by the Rockland Wildfowlers Association for land purchase.

The £217,000 loan will go towards the purchase of 58.9 acres at Loades Marsh, Rockland St Mary, Norfolk.

Kevin Tipple, club land secretary of the Rockland Wildfowlers said: “The purchase of land around Rockland Broad achieves an ambition which the club has held since it was formed in 1985 and secures the future of the land for shooting and conservation. The WHT has again helped us and its support is crucial to our goal of securing land by ownership.  The club bought its first land in 2008, with help from the WHT and the Dee Wildfowlers and Wetlands Management Club; it has raised funds in different ways from online auction to sale of prints and badges.  The WHT has continued to support the club’s work and we appreciate their interest and involvement.”

Tim Russell WHT secretary and director of conservation at BASC said: “The Wildlife Habitat Trust is pleased to be able to make this loan to Rockland Wildfowlers. The purchase of land at Loades Marsh is important for wildlife habitat preservation and Rockland Wildfowlers will actively manage land for shooting and conservation.”

The WHT was set up by the UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). To date, the WHT has provided £1,338,774 to conservation projects.

For more information on the club or membership please go to the club’s website: www.rocklandwa.co.uk.

For more information please contact the BASC press office on 01244 573031

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